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The effects of trauma can manifest in a multitude of ways. For some, unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, and even physical symptoms may occur. In Sea Monster, Aria's monstrous pain has become too much to digest, lurking in the depths of her subconscious until now. The film is a poignant and dreamlike portrait of a young women's sacred act of transmuting her pain into empowerment.  

Cast & Crew


lead actress, writer, director

Kassandra Voss is a performance artist, writer and director. Her work is a love of one’s fate or Amor fati. In this mood of seeing everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering  and loss, Kassandra often explores themes of sexuality, abuse, female empowerment and the erotic. Recently Kassandra produced and directed 'The Yoga of Life' which documents the evolving perspectives of several yoga students on a yoga teacher training in South India. In 2015, she directed The Nymph, a play about birth, multiple forms of sexual abuse textured with spiritual insight. Passionate and provocative, Kassandra is willing to push the boundaries of the senses.

Kassandra Tomczyk Headshot


writer, producer, director, DOP

Daniel Rocque is a filmmaker inspired largely by 70s independent cinema, Dogme 95, & The French New Wave. He has written and directed seven short films across Canada and the USA, several of which have screened at film festivals around North America and Europe. Daniel explores an immediate concern with contemporary society by blending elements of realism, surrealism, comedy, spontaneity, and improvisation. While paying vital attention to artistic detail, Daniel's lens captures more than story - it captures a stream of consciousness through the intimate depictions of his protagonists. 

Daniel Rocque Headshot


supporting actor, co-producer

Charley Rossman is a multi-faceted character actor that continually sharpens his craft. His acting career began in 1992 with a string of action and comedic roles as well as ongoing stunt work with the Universal Studios stunt team. Most recent successes include an Academy Award for the narrative short "This Way Up" an AFI/Jeremy Cloe film in which he starred, as well as a student Emmy award for "Martian American" the Lee Citron film that Charley also produced and acted in.

Charley Rossman Headshot

Daniel Rocque...............Editor 

Alex Shamku................Sound Mixer


Thom Stitt....................Cam Assistant


Justin Aucoin................Sound Design


David Tomiak................Colorist


Kinsey Deakin...............Body Painter


ONLINE PREMIERE - March 1st ,2019 on VIMEO! 



- 18th Calgary International Film Festival

Sept 22, 2017


- 36th Vancouver International Film Festival

Oct 1, 2017


- 2nd Bloody Mary Film Festival

Dec 1, 2017


- 40th Creteil International Women's Film Festival

Mar 11, 2018 

Mar 14, 2018 

- 19th Newport Beach Film Festival

May 1, 2018

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