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A couple head out into the woods for a weekend of camping, but are the memories they create really their own?

After gaining popularity and success as social media influencers, Lana begins to question her relationship with Nairn, her photographer boyfriend - and raise questions about identity, self worth, human connection, and happiness.



Kassandra Voss

lead actor, writer, director, producer

Kassandra Voss is a performance artist, writer and director. Her work is a love of one’s fate or Amor fati. In this mood of seeing everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering  and loss, Kassandra often explores themes of sexuality, abuse, female empowerment and the erotic. Recently Kassandra produced and directed 'The Yoga of Life' which documents the evolving perspectives of several yoga students on a yoga teacher training in South India. In 2015, she directed The Nymph, a play about birth, multiple forms of sexual abuse textured with spiritual insight. Passionate and provocative, Kassandra is willing to push the boundaries of the senses.

Dagan Nish

lead actor

Dagan Nish is an actor whose love for the craft emerged in the 5th grade when he played the lead role of The Hunter in his elementary school play.  Later in high school, he became heavily involved in the drama department, and would often skip class to the point of near-failure so that he could stow away in the theatre.  His most extensive professional training has been under the tutelage of Kate Twa (Railtown Actors Studio), whose ensemble scene study class creates a safe space for fearless exploration of humanity's best and worst facets. Dagan’s most recent work includes appearances on The Good Doctor, The 100, and Colony.  He was also a subject of Kassandra Tomczyk's documentary film, The Yoga of Life.

Daniel Rocque

writer, director, producer, editor

Daniel Rocque Headshot

Daniel Rocque is a filmmaker inspired largely by 70s independent cinema, Dogme 95, & The French New Wave. He has written and directed seven short films across Canada and the USA, several of which have screened at film festivals around North America and Europe. Daniel explores an immediate concern with contemporary society by blending elements of realism, surrealism, comedy, spontaneity, and improvisation. While paying vital attention to artistic detail, Daniel's lens captures more than story - it captures a stream of consciousness through the intimate depictions of his protagonists. 

Stirling Bancroft

director of photography

Stirling is a cinematographer, equally at home working underwater, hanging from buildings, cliffs or helicopters, riding backwards on snowmobiles, and creating natural lighting in studio. His recent photography includes commercial spots for Lifetime, bazinga! and Swiss Water as well as music videos for Mackenzie Porter, Tebey and Japanese Girls. He was nominated for a Leo in cinematography for Hunt for the Mad Trapper, and Ship recently screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  Croft, an action packed short won Best Action Film at the Atlanta Action Film Festival and Best in the Fest award at the Dam Short Film Fest. He photographed Larry Kent’s She Who Must Burn, set to premier at the Fantasia International Film Festival. 

Alex Shamku

Location Sound

Emma Djwa

Camera Assistant

David Tomiak


Justin Aucoin

Sound Mixer





2018 St. Louis International Film Festival - Official Selection

2019 Newport Beach Film Festival - Official Selection

2019 Short Circuit: Pacific Rim Film Festival - Official Selection

2019 Whistler Film Festival - Official Selection

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