Razor Love Visuals

'Razor Love' will employ a pushed-processed, super-16mm film aesthetic to teturize our film with contrast and grit. A single roaming camera will follow or 'dance' around our leads when action is prominent - much like in Arononfky's 'Black Swan' or 'The Wrestler'. 'Razor Love', similar to Larry Clark's 'Kids', will have a pseudo-documentary feel to instil a sense of realism in our piece. 


Colours will be rich and painterly despite our often bleak tone. The cinematography will gravitate towards (or away) from natural light sources with the intent to innately expose moments or drama or conflict; or, to conceal such moments, adding tension and suspense when stakes are high. Frames will occasionally be left empty to reflect character's emotions and moments of introspection will be skewed by 

foreground elements - dirtying up the frame when the external world becomes inundating. The film will also make use of match-cuts and cross dissolves to provide juxtapositions and/or comparisons between character arcs and conflicts. 



Notable cinematographers to reference are: Mathew Libatique, Robbie Ryan, & Maryse Alberti. Directors: Darren Aronofsky, Derek Cianfrance, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Andrea Arnold, Lynne Ramsy, & the Dardenne Brothers.